Two new Windows Phone 7 Apps that I co-developed, “First German Words: Learning Animals” and “First French Words: Learning Animals”

Last week, Anlock LLC released two more applications at the Windows Phone 7 marketplace, “First German Words: Learning Animals” and “First French Words: Learning Animals”, both of which I have co-developed.

You can check the two apps at here:



Application UI has been localized to match the current display language on your Windows Phone 7 device. Featuring 30 animals (4 in the Trial/Lite version) with cool animations and sounds, will help your children learn how to spell.

You can download the German version here: and the French here:

Screenshots from the German version (first two) and the French (the other two).



Don’t forget to check kids' apps for WP7 that I have co-developed here:

First Words: Learning Animals


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