Hi, I’m Dimitris, thanks for the visit! I’m a developer, teacher and speaker. I have been working in the Azure PlayFab Multiplayer Servers team since 2019 as a Software Engineer. Before that, I have been working for Microsoft Greece since 2008 years as a Technical Evangelist, with a focus on application development for mobile devices and cloud. In the past, I have worked as a web and desktop developer and a university lecturer. I’ve also been engaged in mobile development startups building educational apps for kids, check some of them here. My first degree was from Department of Informatics and Telecommunications at University of Athens, whereas I got my MSc on Cloud technologies from Department of Digital Systems at University of Piraeus and continued collaborating with Computer Supported Learning Engineering Laboratory on Education games Interaction Design. I enjoy game and apps development, presenting and training people in innovative technologies and I continuously try to fit some running into my daily schedule.

You can find me on GitHub and Twitter!

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