Starting with Windows Phone 7 development?

We have arranged to have a 2 day, live, streamed training event about how to build apps for Windows Phone. It is coming up this week.


It’s important to note that while this will be delivered live and streamed, but that we will also be posting the recorded version of the videos online shortly after the completion of the training event.



App Hub

The central repository for all things Windows Phone for developers. This is where you will go to create an account, get the tools, submit and manage your apps, participate in forums, et.c

Getting Started

Your first stop to get going on dev

Getting Started

/w DiggTheDrazen

Very good resource for tips and trips with all codes available by @DiggTheDrazen


The dev tools – FREE – are here


Some people need a little extra help, and this walkthrough of the developer registration should be useful


A little extra help on the submission process.

Certification Requirements

OK, your app is done, but will it pass cert? We aim to give you plenty of visibility into the process and be very transparent on why your apps failed, but please read through this.

Jump Start

A video series sponsored by Channel9, our developer focused online video destination portal.

Design Day

Every developer could probably use a little extra help with their app design. Here are some great tutorials all about the Metro UI design language for Windows Phone.

Absolute Beginners

There’s always the possibility that you are big on ideas, but maybe not so much on dev skills. That’s OK. We have a great course which will get you up to speed even if you are an absolute beginner.

Mango Hands On Labs

If you want to dig a little deeper, but prefer the lab walkthrough format, we have some great labs here for you.

Don’t forget to check kids' apps for WP7 that I have co-developed here:

First Words: Learning Animals


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