Using multitouch on Windows 7 without a touch panel

[Disclaimer: this post was created merely as a personal guideline/reminder]

Want to develop MultiTouch on Windows 7 or Windows 7 Phone but you don’t have either a multitouch panel or a Windows Phone 7 device?

The first option is to use a great library hosted on Codeplex called Multi-Touch Vista (link: With this library, you can install a multitouch driver so that you can easily use more than one mouse devices (or a mouse and a trackpad, for that matter) to simulate multitouch. You can find lots of videos on the codeplex page of the project, and you can use the great directions listed here: in order to test it on the Windows Phone 7 emulator.

Another option is to use a great utility from Office Labs called Touchless. As from their description, Touchless is a”webcam multi-touch SDK”. In fact, it uses your webcam to simulate movement and clicks. Here is the link:

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