Azure PlayFab Multiplayer Servers intro (Windows)

As part of Azure Gaming’s GameStackLive event, we recorded two sessions about using Azure PlayFab Multiplayer Servers service.

The first session is about using the service with Windows game servers, you can watch it here:

The second session is about using advanced scaling scenarios, check it out here:

Let me know in the comments if you have any feedback!

– Multiplayer Servers documentation:
– Game Server SDK:
– Multiplayer Servers samples:
– Local Multiplayer Agent:

My articles featured on Gamasutra!

So, this summer I had my 15’ of fame as Microsoft sponsored some articles/tutorials on the well known game development website Gamasutra. Some of my Unity development blog posts were selected, specifically

Creating a simple puzzle game in Unity, source code here on GitHub

Create a Bubble Breaker style game in Unity, source code here on GitHub

– A tower defense-style game in Unity part 1, part 2, source code here on GitHub

A brick breaking game in Unity, source code here on GitHub

Check here for all the Microsoft sponsored articles on Gamasutra and here for all my game development blog posts.